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  1. Shopping with Convenience with the 4wheelparts Coupon Code

    February 14, 2014 by admin

    4wheelparts logo

    4Wheel Parts is one of the leading re-seller companies for trucks and Jeep parts and accessories established by a single person in 1961.  It has since then grown to be the country’s biggest distributor of quality off road aftermarket spare parts sold at reasonable prices.  The product quality and their convenient services are what endeared them to customers which added to their popularity.  Their items include Jeep kits and the standard items, such as armor, suspension, protection, steering, brakes, tires, wheels and accessories for your vehicle’s interior.  What is more exciting is that you can get 4wheelparts coupon codes online so you get the chance to save money on your orders.

    By using the coupon, you get to buy their products at very low prices.  To check any coupon codes, all you need to do is go through the home page of their website.  Another option is to check coupon sites.  Coupon sites are websites dedicated to offer customers discounts from various online stores.  These sites feature the different promotional coupons and links of online stores that the buyer has to copy and paste on the store’s website.  For example, look for a 4wheelparts coupon code from a coupon site then copy it and paste it at 4wheelparts site before checkout.  These coupon sites also provide an inclusive list of all the bargains offered by the company.

    The code is very important.  You need to give this code when filling up an order form to take advantage of the discounts.  One thing that you should remember, though, is to verify the integrity of the website so you do not get fooled.  Search the Net for 4wheelparts coupon codes to get the best deals on fender fares, lift parts, bumpers, brakes, tires, doors, lighting and other exterior and interior Jeep parts.

  2. Trektop NX Twill Soft Top by Bestop

    January 15, 2014 by admin

    bestop trektop nx softop

    Isn’t it about time you got a great new look for your Jeep Wrangler?  Bestop has an amazing new way for you to do just that very thing.  The New Trektop NX Twill Soft Top by Bestop is a fantastic addition to the Bestop line of soft tops.  This top is not to be confused with the original Trek Top NX.  This one is also frameless though.

    When you want a unique soft top but also one that is not bulky and is easy to install then look no further because here it is.

    This top includes door surrounds in the same style as your factory ones as well as a canopy that is easily flipped back to enable instantaneous open air driving.

    For both durability and appearance this special fabric will maintain its shape regardless of what the weather conditions are.

    Speaking of the fabric, this top is made from a black twill that has 3 layers and weighs in at 30 oz.  It is supremely durable when compared to other soft top fabrics.  This is the same type of fabric that you generally see on high end European cars and luxury models such as Rolls Royce and BMW.  Some of its other features are things like an appearance that is smooth and resistant to wrinkles while it also does not contain any PVCs at all.  This new fabric is incredibly more flexible and has a softer feel while maintaining enhanced performance in cold weather when in comparison with sailcloth fabric.

    The windows have much to be commended too.  They have a 31% tint and are 40 mil. The DOT has approved then and they are made from vinyl and will assist in keeping the interior of the Jeep cooler when it is hot outside.

    When you want to have the quietest ride that you can possibly have in a Jeep, the Trek Top NX Twill Soft Top gives it to you with the combination of thicker windows and material that has multiple layers.

    Both the rear and the side windows are replaceable as well as removable.  They feature zippers that are called YKK scoop count zippers that are top of the line.  They also have a larger surface heat sealing which adds strength as well as protection from extreme climates.

    This top utilizes thread that is 135 gauge polyester industrial strength on all of the seams so that you get a durability that will last a lifetime.

    The Trektop NX Twill Soft Top comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

    • Bowless, easy to install soft top
    • 3 layer black twill fabric
    • More durability when compared to other soft top fabrics
    • Kit includes door surrounds
    • Kit includes tensioning bow
    • Kit includes tinted windows
    • Kit includes retaining clips and tailgate bar
    • Removable rear curtain and side windows

  3. The Best Seat Covers For Off-Road Jeeps

    December 22, 2013 by admin

    When you go off-roading with a high-performance vehicle like the Jeep, expect to have some dirt, mud, and other kind of debris be thrown off into the interior of your off-road Jeep. In order for you to protect the integrity of your Jeep seats, it’s imperative that you buy them Jeep seat covers. The trick however is the type of Jeep seat covers that you should buy to compliment your off-roading lifestyle. Here are some of the suggestions.

    The Vinyl Jeep Seat Cover

    Vinyl Jeep Seat Cover

    What you should ultimately look for when shopping for your Jeep seat cover is low maintenance and easy to clean. The vinyl Jeep seat covers can do just that for you. This material is totally waterproof which makes it one of the best quality Jeep seat covers for 4×4 off-road Jeeps. Also, the material is made to last and it gives that great comfortable feel.

    The most ordered vinyl seat covers is the Rampage style, the Coverking style and the Pro Seat Vinyl seat.

    The Neoprene Jeep Seat Cover

    Neoprene Jeep Seat Cover

    The vinyl and neoprene is always in constant competition to gain the top spot for the best off-road Jeep seat covers. Because of its utilitarian characteristics, the neoprene Jeep seat covers are mostly demanded by off-road enthusiasts because of its low maintenance and water resistant qualities similar with the vinyl style. If your area is mostly exposed to cold weather, then the neoprene material is best suited to your Jeep is it’s the best material in fighting off moisture. Plus, it’s flame resistant which also makes it an ideal material when your Jeep is exposed to extreme hot conditions like very hot weather.

    What’s good about the neoprene style is that there many designs available that uses it. You have the CalTrend Neo Supreme, Pro Seat OE Sport seat cover, just to name a few.

  4. Off Roading Fun with the Jeep Wrangler via Performance Chips

    December 11, 2013 by admin

    Known around the globe for its sturdy off road abilities and powerful built, Jeeps are a very popular choice among off roaders.   Wrangler is a well-known Jeep make but anyone can enhance its capabilities through aftermarket Jeep Wrangler performance chips.

    How Performance Chips can Enhance your Wrangler

    • They replace the ECU.  When the ECU is replaced, the performance chips direct and take hold of your lookup tables.
    • They change the fuel injection into the engine sections.  This results to an increase in the levels of power production by controlling the spark plug timings.
    • They improve acceleration, throttle response and torque.
    • They let to you to obtain increase output from your Wrangler concerning its different turning points.

    jeep performance chips

    These chips are available in any online Jeep accessories stores as well as in your local shops.  Online shopping is much easier though — just search for the kind of chip that you need per your desired modification and you get the list of online stores offering the said chip.

    Then you can easily install the chip once you have received your order.  All the needed items are included in the kit where an uncomplicated plug and play rule applies.  Wrangler performance chips are ideal for owners who wanted additional horsepower even with a few alterations.

    The onboard computers are programmed by these performance chips to burn fuel giving you the best performance as well as saving on gas.  They have the most capable programming that will improve your Jeep’s horsepower to its highest and enhance its low-end torque.  Regardless of the Wrangler model that you have, you can purchase performance chips in several varieties to augment its off road performance making it the best that you want it to be.  Enjoy a different kind of off road fun with your Jeep Wrangler through performance chips.

  5. Door or no Door? That is the question

    October 17, 2013 by admin

    jeep doors silver

    One of the great things about a Jeep is the versatility that it has.  It doesn’t just have the versatility to take you to where other cars just won’t go; it also has versatility in the way that it looks.  Jeeps are easily the most customizable vehicle in the world today.  That is, unless you build a vehicle from the ground up, inside and outside to your own specific whims.


    I’m sure that you have seen the Jeeps going down the road or on the trail with half doors or no doors at all.  This is just another example of how you can personalize your Jeep.  Maybe you want to go off road and feel like you are closer to the trail than you do when you have your doors on.  This is not a problem with a Jeep.  Just take the doors off.  If it starts raining then just put them back on.


    Today we will spend just a short time discussing different types of doors and the decision of which to use.


    What is out there?


    When you are looking for Jeep doors you will find that although there are many different types, they basically fall into two main categories.  These are: full doors and half doors.


    The full doors are just what they sound like.  They are just like all vehicle doors.  They reach from the bottom of the vehicle to the top.


    Then you have the half doors.  These doors come in different styles.  You can get metal ones, mesh ones, even ones that are just tubular bars.  This is where the variety comes in.  They are all doors and they all serve the same basic purpose.  I guess the difference is just trying to give the customer a variety of options when looking at purchasing these types of doors.  The prices for these vary too.  Some are quite inexpensive while others will make you think twice.


    No Door vs. Door


    We are brought up in a world where we are used to having doors on our vehicles.  They offer us safety even though they are such a part of our world that we never really even think about it.  They keep us from the cold, the hot, the snow and the rain.  We have windows for when we want to look out.  Bugs don’t get in unless the windows are down.


    Without a door or with a half door, that sense of protection is gone.  The elements and bugs get you.  The difference though is the feeling of freedom.  Having the wind blow through your hair.  Smelling the air.  These are all assets.


    At the end of the day the decision is yours.  The good thing is that if you don’t like what you do to your Jeep, you can always redo it.

    You can find Jeep doors and accessories from stores such as 4Wheel Drive Hardware for low prices and fast shipping.

  6. Bumpers for off road

    October 7, 2013 by admin

    arb bumpers packageOk, so on the agenda for today is an article about bumpers.  We all know what bumpers are.  They are on the front and rear ends of vehicles and they protect the vehicle from “bumps” by other vehicles or from when you accidently bump into anything else.  Sometimes when we get into an accident the bumpers tend to get damaged first and may need to be replaced.  Alternatively, you may just want to upgrade your bumper.  Either way, today we will talk about some of the bumper options that are brought to you by the minds at ARB.

    ARB Bumpers

    ARB came into being in 1975 and was another off road parts and accessories company that was born as a direct result of Australia’s treacherous yet irresistible Top End.  ARB bumpers have been field tested and approved by some of the world’s most renowned off road warriors.  They are strong enough to handle whatever you can throw at them but down to earth enough to be used in your everyday highway driving too.

    Different Types of Bumpers

    When looking for a new ARB bumper, do not be confused by the names.  See, a lot of the ARB bumpers are simply called “bars”.  They have plain bars, bars with flares, commercial bars and even more.  When you are on the ARB web site and are looking for a bumper for a specific make and model vehicle, you will greatly improve your search results by entering the make and model of the vehicle you need the bumper for.  They make specific bumpers for every type of truck, Jeep and ATV so to avoid wading through them all just type in the vehicle specs and make it easy on yourself.

    Why a bumper is important for off road driving

    When you are taking your rig off road…whether it is on the trail, rock crawling or fording water, you really need to have a great bumper.  The reason for this is simple.  When you are on the highway, you are on a clear path.  Everyone is aware of their surroundings.  You can clearly see what is coming from every direction.  When you are off road, this is not the case.  You have more opportunities to run into trees (standing or downed), wildlife, rocks and everything else.  You need the added protection of a great bumper to ensure that your vehicle is damaged as little as possible.  Also, some of the bumpers brought to you by ARB are equipped to have a winch attached to them which is always a good thing to have whether you are on the road or on the trail.

    Go see what kind of bumpers you like on the ARB site.  What have you got to lose?

  7. Power Steering Maintenance for Longer Car Life

    June 21, 2013 by admin

    The list of things that drivers take for granted about their cars is endless. Maintaining gas.  Maintaining a proper coolant level. Maintaining the oil. Keeping the windshield wipers sharp and fresh. Keeping the brakes well-padded. Motorists do not drive on one-way streets exclusively, however. With that last thought in mind, making turns is vital in any motorist’s daily sojourn. However, do these drivers worry about their vehicle’s power steering?

    The answer is, probably not. When that power steering tank develops a leak, the beginning of difficulties is not that far away. At the very least, that foundation of long-term hardships is set in place. The vehicle owner will have to work out of this difficulty financially and perhaps on foot.

    Sometime in the 1920s, power steering was introduced to automobile drivers. It was designed to make turning the steering wheel easier for motorists. The turning of the steering wheel was made easier through the combination of a hydraulic system and steering linkages. Thus, with power steering problems, the steering wheel becomes harder to turn on an automobile the more imposing the vehicle is.

    There are signals to look for to find power steering problems in a vehicle. If the vehicle is becoming more difficult to steer, motorists should first look to see if the power steering fluid level is low. Lack of power steering fluid makes it harder to turn the steering wheel. Other possible problems include worn steering gear and ball sockets in the steering assembly, worn suspension system components and loose steering pump belt. It would be wise for drivers to check the power steering pump for leaks.

    Motorists need to make sure the power steering fluid is at the recommended level. Low levels of fluid can cause looseness in the power steering. Vehicle owners should regularly check that there is no older power steering fluid in the steering system. The acids, carbon and fuels found in older power steering fluid will cause a breakdown in the power steering hoses. Take out the old power steering fluid and replace with new fluid.

    Drivers should also be aware of steering noises by looking for worn or loose components (including linkage components, bearings and ball joints) and slipping belts. Squeaks are often the result of poor lubrication in the bearings, ball joints or sockets. If there is excessive wear on the tire rods, idler arms, king pins, steering arms, steering columns, drag links, pitman arms or ball joints, they could be responsible for the power steering trouble. Any of these worn components can cause the vehicle to wander off the road. Motorists should check for a more than normal amount of movement in the hangers, springs and other attached parts.

    If the automobile’s tires are underinflated, they can cause motorists to have to use more effort to steer their vehicle. Drivers may even wander off the road and have trouble recovering the steering. If the tires are not mounted or balanced correctly, this can also cause problems with the power steering. Excessive wear of the tires can cause the car to waver, swerve, and cause the driver to oversteer the vehicle.

    By looking out for these key factors and remedying the problem quickly, motorists can achieve a longer driving life for their automobiles. They will also save themselves gigantic amounts of money in the long term as far as repairs are concerned.

  8. Off-Road Laws, Rules, and Recommendations

    June 21, 2013 by admin

    Throughout the off-road journeys of Jeep drivers, there are rules of the road that must be followed. These rules and laws are designed not just for the safety of others on the trek ways but for the driver himself. With automobile accidents always an ever-present possibility, the law is a safeguard for all off-road drivers. They are to be observed and obeyed for the health and well-being of the people and the vehicles they are driving and/or riding in.

    All-Terrain vehicles (ATVs) are not toys. ATVs are strong automobiles that can cause major harm to their operators or unsuspecting bystanders. ATVs can cover 60 miles per hour or greater and can weigh over 700 pounds. It is easy for an ATV to roll and tip over. The vehicles’ spontaneous tendencies in off-road conditions make coaching and standard use vital. In 2003, about 740 deaths associated with ATVs. These tragedies involved 140 reported fatalities that included children. It was documented in 2004 that 136,000 ATV-related injuries were tended to in hospital emergency rooms.

    Riders should always wear a helmet when on an ATV. About a third of ATV-related fatalities and injuries involve children. Persons less than 16 years of age should never be in an adult ATV. ATV drivers should avoid paved roads and unfamiliar treks. Never carry a passenger on a single-rider ATV.  Though this sounds obvious, it must be said: Do not drive an ATV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    Those who want to be off-road navigators should take a safety training course. Standard ATV instruction teaches drivers how to handle ATVs in common situations. Drivers who have standard, intensive ATV preparation have a lower vulnerability to injury than drivers with no formal training. So, aspiring off-road drivers should not think they are going to take the roadways by storm and revolutionize the art and science of off-roading. They should go back to a training camp and learn the craft.

    Wearing protective headgear–a helmet—is mandatory nationwide and key to preventing or, at least, combating major injuries and concussions. Many ATV injuries are head injuries. Select a motorcycle or other motor sports helmet and make sure the helmet is approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and/or the Snell Memorial Foundation. Additionally, drivers should wear goggles, long pants, over-the-ankle boots, gloves, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt to protect against cuts, bruises, and other injuries from rocks, trees, etc.

    An ATV sojourn is a one-person venture. Therefore, it is highly recommended to not ride as a passenger or, if you are behind the wheel, to carry a passenger. Letting someone ride “piggyback” or “riding shotgun” are not good ideas. Most ATVs are made to carry one person. ATVs are manufactured for interactive riding – drivers must be able to shift their weight freely in all directions, depending on the circumstances and trek. Interactive riding is essential to keeping a safe handle of an ATV, especially on diverse terrain. The presence and distraction of passengers can make it difficult for drivers to control the ATV.

    It is ill-advised to drive ATVs on paved roads. These automobiles, because of their style and make, are not compatible with paved roads and are hard to control and handle on these treks. Fatal crashes with other vehicles are an omnipresent possibility when ATVs are being operated on paved roads.

    An astonishing statistic is that one-third of all ATV-related deaths and injuries involve children. A majority of these tragedies happen when a child is driving or riding on an adult ATV. It is unlawful in some states in America for people under 18 to operate or even ride in an ATV. For youth who are younger than 16 on adult ATVs, their chances are two times greater to be injured than those riding youth ATVs.

    For more recommendations on off-road rules and tips visit Socal Jeeps.

  9. On Choosing Cars: 5 Necessary Safety Features

    June 5, 2013 by PDDC

    When one plans to purchase a car, one tends to focus only in the car’s engine performance and aesthetic appeal. While both these two aspects are important, buyers must also remember to check for a car’s safety features. Automotive safety is no joke, and thus one must be aware of what basic safety features to look for in a car. Here are 5 of the EXTREMELY NECESSARY safety features a car must have for it to be ready for actual road usage.


    1.)    Seat belts

    Seat belts are at the core of automotive safety. They are designed to keep you firmly attached to the seats when strong impacts from events such as accidents cause you to be jolted inside. They are an absolute necessity and therefore should be present in the car you intend to buy.

    2.)    Air bags

    Air bags may be regarded as plan B during heavy impact while driving. In the event that the seatbelts fail to keep you firm in your seat, especially your head, the air bags automatically puff out of the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield.

    3.)    Head Restraints

    Head restraints are the extensions of the car’s seats whose function is to limit head movement in strong car impacts, thus preventing neck injury.

    4.)    Traction Control

    Traction control systems maintain the stability of a vehicle by controlling how far the wheels can slip during the application of excess power. This happens very often during acceleration, in which the Traction control system automatically adjusts engine output and applies braking force to the selected wheels.

    5.)    Weight

    Statistics on car crashes reveals that the weight of the car plays an important role in car safety. It has been shown that the heavier cars, possibly due to the material used, offer more protection for the passenger than lighter cars in the event of collisions and crashes.


    Other safety features which one may opt to put in their checklist in buying cars include Electronic Stability Control (offers automatic control in extreme steering maneuvers) and Anti-lock Brake system (prevents wheels from locking during panic breaking). The simpler necessary features include the type of tires, the reliability of the car locks, head injury protection, and steering and suspension. So if you are to buy a car any time soon, check this out, make a list, be guided, and be safe.

  10. Off Roading Laws In California

    June 2, 2013 by PDDC

    off road laws

    The California State Laws give some rules and regulations regarding off roading and ATVs within their area. In general, all laws are strictly governed and must be followed by everyone with no exemptions. Also, laws are being passed not to give additional burden to the people or riders instead to give them enough protection on their off road trip. So, to start with, all persons who are riding ATVs should wear a helmet that is approved by ATV Safety authorities during an off road drive within the public land of California.

    Also, passengers of off-road vehicles are strictly prevented to drive on public lands unless their off road vehicle and ATVs are designed and capable to carry passengers.

    The law also sets particular speed limit when driving 50 feet of campsite, campground or if the location is drowned with animals and people. This speed limit is approximately not more than 15 miles per hour.

    Moreover, age limitations are as well strictly governed. In order to drive an off road vehicle in California’s public land, he must not be under 18 years old or if he is under the required age, he must at least meet several requirements. For people under 18 years old, he must be currently enrolled and taking ATV safety training course from a certified off road Safety Instructor. Or, he must be under the supervision of at least one adult who owns a safety certificate that was issued by California.

    Aside from requirements that can be met by the driver alone, California also requires a vehicle that is properly registered. Therefore, street legal vehicles that will be used in off road drive must apply for additional off-highway license because if not, and used in off road parks, they may be subjected to pay some fees.